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Every Day Menu

Made Fresh Daily

Fresh Lumpia

loosely wrapped sauteed veggies topped with peanut/caramel sauce, crushed garlic and peanuts; chicken or shrimp

Pork Lumpia

wrapped deep fried pure ground pork with minced veggies (photo)

Pansit Bihon

stir fried rice noodles with sliced veggies, pork and sausage (photo)


rice noodles with shrimp sauce, garnished with green onions, sliced boiled egg and chicharon; lechon or shrimp


rich pork savory stew simmered in beef blood vinegar with garlic and serrano pepper



chicken or pork simmered in soy sauce

and vinegar

Lechon Sisig

sweet and tangy chopped pork with bell peppers, mayonnaise and fresh squeezed lemons

Lechon Kawali

fried crispy first class pork belly with lechon sauce (photo)

Arroz Caldo

ginger flavored rice porridge garnished with fried garlic, boiled egg and green onions; option chicken chunks

Halo Halo

dessert or snack packed with shaved ice, evaporated milk, nata de coco, macapuno, leche plan, yam, red bean, jackfruit, sweet plantain and palm fruit; topped with ice cream upon request

Other entrees change daily

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